Must-try in Aomori

Blessed with both the mountains and ocean and deep local culture, Aomori is a place well worth exploring when you’re off the mountain. Whether on your way in or out of Hakkoda, check out the local attractions around Aomori station and the surrounding area to make the most of your visit!

Here are just a few of Aomori’s attractions to check out.

Aomori Gem 1: Get cultured, the local way


Aomori’s traditional Nebuta festival has deep roots in the local culture, dating back hundreds of years. The festival is held every year in August and is known as one of the three biggest summer festivals in the Tohoku region. If you’re into real cultural experiences as much as deep powder runs, this is for you! Just drop by the Nebuta museum and you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the summer festival and finish your day at an izakaya (Japanese tavern) filled with local sights and sounds!

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Aomori Gem 2: Stuff yourself with the fresh local flavours


Attention all foodies! We dare you to resist - fresh local scallops and Oma tuna (both famous within Japan) or a steaming hot bowl of the locals’ favourite niboshi ramen (fish broth noodles). You can’t say you’ve been to Aomori until you’ve tried these local bites!

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Aomori Gem 3: Trace the local history


Venture out and add some local history to your snow adventure. The snow covered Hirosaki castle and Saisho-in Gojuno Tou Pagoda aren’t to be missed.

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For more travel ideas, visit the official Aomori sightseeing guide here!  

You can also download the Aomori sightseeing (Spring to Autumn) brochure here